Archiconic Kuala Lumpur

More than just an architectural firm.

A co-operative architectural and interior design firm in association with Kuek Wee Chien Architect that is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The establishment brought together a portfolio of a wealth of experience in architectural commissions and exciting interior design.

Archiconic Sdn Bhd

Believe in us!

We brings into focus the inter-twining of architecture, interior and identity. This integration helps to see design as a system of multi-disciplines, which embraces art, design and commence. Our services involve ranges across a wide scope of projects including residential, industrial and commercial design. It includes interior design, master planning, as well as design for industrial, institutional, monumental and recreational purposes, facilitating comprehensive services in design and management.We believe they are not cosmetic architecture but suit to the needs, response to the context, focus on the implementation.

We endeavours to create humane architecture and contemporary identity based on a modern solution for the projects it undertakes. These creations are based on its function and every decision made has its means.

Archiconic Sdn Bhd believes in developing sound business relations between our Client under the consistent assurance and care of Director(s) who are always personally involved and constantly aware of the on-going development of each and every project undertaken.

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Archiconic's Aim

To be embodiment of iconic architecture


Grounded by the firm belief in humane architecture, every piece of work responds to the environment and context.


Every creation is beyond just the cosmetic.


Every projects is implemented with equal passion from start to end.